About us

Lescoengineering provides energy efficient ventilation and air handling solutions to all manner of buildings across all sectors.

Quality management

Lesco Engineering focuses on providing its customers with the highest quality service.

Strategy and objectives:

Meet customer expectations and provide the best possible service.
Only offer quality materials that meet the highest standards.
Satisfied and well trained staff.
Quality and safety standards of Gradiens LP suppliers, are the market?s highest quality standards and that they meet the stringent requirements for environmental, energy and reuse of products.

Among the certified quality system standards that our suppliers follow are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 og OHSAS 18001.

Our Mission Statement

By providing unparalleled customer service, vast expertise and superior technology, Gradiens LP strives to become the first choice for industrial climate control.

Solving humidity, heating, cooling, power and moisture related issues to the private and public sector is our focus.

Emergency related or scheduled, our industry experts strive to assist each customer on every job no matter how unique.