Why use smoke control? A brief explanation

Smoke control systems are designed to prevent smaller fires becoming the larger ones, as once there is a large fire, any smoke control system will generally be overwhelmed. Smoke control systems are installed to provide assistance in the early stages and thereby to reduce the risk of this. No smoke without fire.

Statistics show that if there is a fire, it is smoke and not fire which is the largest contributor to deaths and injuries: over 60% of deaths are directly due to being overcome by gas or smoke. It is not necessary to be close to a fire to be affected. This means that if smoke is controlled, this will play a large part in reducing deaths and injuries, as well as protect the building.

The advantages of smoke control systems:

The two main reasons why people will specify and install smoke control systems are to protect escape routes and to assist fire fighters.

Another advantage of smoke control systems is that stock and machinery can be protected and the risk of loss of the building can be reduced.