Car Park fans

Car Park fans for ventilation and fire control ceiling facilities underground parking garage, parking high-rise buildings etc. The system is unique because it is without channels and uses the impulse… Read More »Car Park fans

Tunnel fans

Tunnel fans for ventilation and fire control in underground facilities. Devices use impulse principle to move air through the tunnels, which then acts as oversized tube. Some system designs include… Read More »Tunnel fans

Smoke fans

Smoke fans are axial fans optimized for use at high temperatures. Typical applications are as exhaust fans installed in ducts, wherein the double function as part of the normal operation,… Read More »Smoke fans

ATEX og EX Fans

ATEX and EX fans are axial flow fans optimised for installation in hazardous environments with high requirements for safety. The ZerAx® fans for ATEX or EX uses are compact, robust… Read More »ATEX og EX Fans

Box Chiller

The QCM chiller is designed for a cooling capacity ranging from 30-1500kW. All system components are dimensioned and calculated for optimal performance at the required design parameters. The specially developed… Read More »Box Chiller

Centrifugal fans

Centrifugal fans for industrial plants that require low or medium pressure. Amenities such as composting plants and greenhouses are examples of industries that use centrifugal fans. The design is robust,… Read More »Centrifugal fans